Aaron Lambert Art
Artist AJ Moore
Ashlee Casey Art
Bob Somerhalder – Built Of Barnwood
Capital Sports & Decor
Coaster Expansion
Cosiso inc
Dennis McDonald Books LLC
DragonSong Forge
Eugene Clark’s “Big Daddy” Zombie Productions LLC
Grreat Entertainment
jerry DeCastro
Jettison Jane
Kitsch and Crossbones
Magical Makeup by Mary
Memory Creations
Michael Calero Art
Cat On The Moon Art
My Oddity
Nerdylove Designs
Nitro Geek Laser Works
Peppermint Cosplay Knives & Wear Claire’s
Phresh Air Studios Custom Airbrush
Plastic Empire
Pretty Spooky Handmade
Remix Comix
Rosales Art Gallery
S2 Creations
Scott Straka Art
Signature Horror / As You Wish Custom Bags
Snappy Ties
Stitched from the Crypt
Supernatural Specialties Bullet Casing Jewelry
The Black and White Guy
Tulsa Extra-Life
Umbrella Corporation Southern Kansas Hive
Vegetarian Society of Tulsa
Warehouse RoyGBiv
Warped by Design Art
Wild Bills Olde Fashioned Soda
William Schlichter
Windy City T-Shirt Co.
Z.O.D. Zombie Response Vehicle
Zombie Charm School


What CAN'T I sell as a vendor or artist?

Unless written approval is given by Walker Stalker, vendors may not sell:

Weapons (including swords)
Food (unless it’s pre-packaged)
Beverage/Alcohol (including samples)
Vaping tools and accessories
Vacation/Time Share giveaways

What does an artist table include?

2 Artist Badges (up to 4 extra badges may be purchased for $40 per badge)
10 by 10 space & a 6 FT table
8 FT tall pipe & drape backdrop
Black table cloth
2 chairs

What does a vendor booth include?

4 vendor badges (up to 4 extra badges may be purchased for $40 per badge)
10 by 10 space & a 6 FT table
8 FT tall pipe & drape backdrop with 3 FT siding
Black table cloth
2 chairs

Are wifi & electric included?

Electric is offered for an additional prices and varies per city.

Wifi is typically not included, but varies by city. You will receive an email about wifi availability about 2 weeks prior to the event.

For general exhibitor questions please contact [email protected]

*Walker Stalker does not guarantee attendance or exhibitor sales. All dealers exhibit at their own financial risk.