Nashville – Walker Stalker Con
Sarah Wayne Callies
Lori, The Walking Dead / Sara, Prison Break / Katie, Colony
Khary Payton
Ezekiel, The Walking Dead
Nadia Hilker
Magna, The Walking Dead & Luna, The 100
And More!
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What apocalyptic goodness will you find in the Walker Stalker Event Hall? We’ll bring the actors you love from The Walking Dead, and so much more! From panels to vendors, themed photo areas to inflatable obstacle courses and kid zones, you’ll experience the apocalypse in a whole new way!
What is Heroes and Villains? We bring the stars of today’s comic-inspired television shows & movies to you! From Flash to the Marvel Comic Universe, we’ve got it! Best of all? You won’t just meet superheroes…you’ll become one! Join the Rebellion with the Star Wars 501st, or practice your skills with safe archery! There’s something for everyone!


“Jeffrey Dean Morgan helped me announce my first pregnancy! I told him, “I just found out I’m pregnant for the first time and we weren’t sure it was even possible, could you help me announce it?” And he said “HELL YES!” He was so genuinely excited. When our Photo Op was done he got really serious, hugged me tightly, and said “Congratulations, it’s the best feeling in the world.” It’s something I’ll never forget, I may even use this for the shower invites!”
– Brooke W, Nashville 2017 Attendee
This photo speaks volumes. Ross Marquand made our experience something that will last a lifetime. My son is on the autism spectrum. He’s not good with big crowds and noise. Ross came around from behind the desk, got down and spoke to him on his level. He even gave my son his hat and a high five. My son is now a huge fan and always asks to go see Ross. It was an amazing moment as a father to see.
– David S, Nashville 2017 Attendee
“This convention is the stuff dreams are made of! I had a photo op with JDM and Norman Reedus, and although the photos move quickly they both took their time to make sure that in that moment I felt like a star! I was so nervous walking up to them that I immediately brought my hands up and started waving them like a little school girl. Norman Reedus ran up to me and started playing patty cake with my hands!”
– Brittany S, Nashville 2017 Attendee
“When we found out that Nashville was scheduled for the weekend of our son’s 15th birthday, we knew exactly what we needed to do. A week before the convention we threw him a surprise Walking Dead party and revealed the surprise trip to #WSCNashville for his birthday! The look on his face meeting Jeffrey Dean Morgan that weekend was priceless! His eyes filled with tears and he kept repeating, “JDM told me happy birthday! This is the best birthday ever!
– Stacie G, Nashville 2017 Attendee
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“Selfies with Alexandra Breckenridge was my absolute favorite memory. We had platinum passes and the whole experience was great. Our Platinum concierge made sure we got to meet everyone and kept track of all of our photo ops for us. Can’t wait for this year!”
– Hayley A, Nashville 2016 Attendee
“My favorite moment had to be when my three-year-old boy got to see and even go inside of Dale’s RV! He had just got the building set for the Christmas that year and every time we would see an RV on the convention floor he would say is that Dale’s? It was a priceless moment that he will never forget ! Thanks for making that moment possible!”
–  Brittany K, Nashville 2016 Attendee
“My favorite moment would have to be watching my 5-year-old daughter light up when she saw Ian Somerhalder! We met him in Atlanta and ever since she’s had the biggest crush on him and he is just so sweet to her it melts my heart! All the celebs were friendly so down to earth like they had known us for years. My little one had such a great time she actually cried when we had to leave! Can’t wait til next year!”
– Tawnya G, Nashville 2016 Attendee
“My favorite moment wasn’t really one moment, it was the fantastic way that my daughter was treated by the staff and volunteers. She was on crutches due to an injury and they were outstanding and went out of their way to make sure that she was comfortable and they made sure that her being on crutches didn’t diminish her experience at all.”
– Michelle B, Nashville 2016 Attendee