Atlanta – Walker Stalker Con


“Atlanta was my first convention! My favorite moment was when Danai Gurira loved the shirts I made for her so much that she invited us backstage at the Richonne panel to take pics with her for her charity “Love Our Girls!” She is such a beautiful person inside and out and was so sweet to us. She made the weekend an experience I will never forget.”
– Christina M,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
My favorite part was watching my husband see Norman Reedus in person. He stood there like a deer in headlights. Then, suddenly, and with a look of complete seriousness, he yells out passionately, ‘I love you, Daryl!’ It was hilarious!” 
– Liz R,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee  
“If I had to choose a favorite moment, it would be this Photo Op with Andrew Lincoln. He was so delighted by the shirt he asked to keep it! Who would EVER say no to Andy? Thank you for making dreams a reality!” 
– Ranci C,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
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“I waited 20 years to meet my teen-dream, Nick Carter! My plan was to meet him Sunday looking super cute but unfortunately plans changed and my one chance to meet him was on Saturday…while I was cosplaying Georgie from IT! But, it was now or never! A memory I’ll never forget… the moment I met Nick Carter dressed like death!”
– Shelley White,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
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“I have been wanting to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan for over 10 years, and when I saw how amazing the Atlanta event was, and that he was gonna be there, I bought my plane ticket and flew from Montreal to be there! And oh boy was that the best idea ever! Before I even had the chance to get his autograph, he photobombed my Photo Op with Jon Bernthal! I could not believe what was happening!”
– Sarah R,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
My nine-year-old son is fascinated with the behind the scenes aspects of anything and wanted to know who the voice of Clementine was. Since I couldn’t bring him with me, Melissa Hutchison took the time to speak with him through FaceTime. He was so shy and embarrassed! He even chose a photo he wanted to get signed. This was my favorite part of the weekend because I made my little guy happy. And Aiden now has the photo hanging up in his room!”
– Amanda P,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
My favorite moment was surprising my Mother-In-Law with a Photo Op with Norman Reedus! My husband and I pretended like we were only going to visit Senoia. Then we surprised her with a VIP ticket to Walker Stalker Con and a Norman Reedus Photo! I think her face says it all!”
– Jaclyn K,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
“My wife said I was a total fan-girl when I met Jon Bernthal. It was awesome to talk about Punisher with him. Just a great and humble guy. You can tell he really cares about his fans.”
– Michael Boza,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee
“My father is a Disabled Airforce Veteran, and seeing the joy on his face was worth more than you guys can imagine.The excitement he had when he took a picture with “Doc” from Z-Nation was incredible! I have not seen him smile like that or laugh as much as he did in a long time. While it was awesome seeing my favorite actors, seeing my dad’s reactions was even more awesome to me. My kids will always remember that they got to go Walker Stalker Con with their Pops.”
– Maria T,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee