London – Walker Stalker Con
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What Sonequa Martin-Green Says About Walker Stalker Con

“Walker Stalker has been a blessing. Not only has it served as a way to directly connect with the amazing fans and hear their stories but it has become a great way to reunite with pa st and current cast members on TWD as well as other shows. We genuinely look forward to going whenever we can!”
Steven Yeun
Glenn, The Walking Dead
Jon Bernthal
Shane, The Walking Dead & Punisher, Daredevil
Nadia Hilker
Magna, The Walking Dead & Luna, The 100
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“My favourite memory is 100% when Norman took my phone and filmed himself & the crowd whilst I was waiting for my Photo Op with him. He created a memory that I’ll cherish forever and it made me so extremely happy. He didn’t have to go out of his way to make a fan’s day, but he did regardless and I couldn’t be more thankful!”
-Léa C, London 2018 Attendee
“The cosplayers roaming the convention floor were so creepy, in the best possible way! I love seeing fans go all out, it really makes you feel like part of the Walking Dead!”
– Rella H, London 2018 Attendee
“Seeing Carl [Chandler Riggs] and Michonne [Danai Gurira] give each other a bear hug on during their panel was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It’s so obvious that they are family on and off screen, and I felt like we got to be part of that family for two magical days.”
– Lillian L, London 2018 Attendee
“The whole event will always be a sweet memory I’ll cherish. I found out I was pregnant one week after the 2017 event and knew I wanted to bring our little baby this year…as Shiva! These photos with Khary Payton are the kind of thing we will be showing our grandchildren many years from now. Thank you, Walker Stalker Con for these unforgettable moments with my family.”
– Juliana B, London 2018 Attendee
“The most touching moment for me was watching Norman Reedus sign a cancer survivor’s head ‘From one bald head to another.’ She’d lost her hair to treatment, and everyone was tearing up, just seeing how much this cast cares, and inspires us to keep fighting our personal battles.”
Lilah G, London 2018 Attendee
“Towards the end of the Saviours Q & A panel, someone on the balcony started shouting behind me and my Mom. I turned around to see that it was none other than Michael Rooker, who exchanged a bit of banter with Austin Amelio and Steven Ogg! It was so funny!”
Rob W, London 2018 Attendee
My favourite memory wasn’t meeting the guests…it was seeing this young lady again! The last time I saw Lisa was over 25 years ago when we served together in the Army. The entire weekend was brilliant and the guests were amazing, but this was the highlight. That trip down memory lane was priceless, and I cannot thank you guys enough. Without WSC, this reunion wouldn’t have taken place.
John H, London 2018 Attendee