Sydney – Walker Stalker Con
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Tyler James Williams
Noah, The Walking Dead
Pollyanna McIntosh
Anne, The Walking Dead
Steven Ogg
Simon, The Walking Dead
IronE Singleton
T-Dog, The Walking Dead

I especially love meeting the little ones at Walker Stalker. Nothing is more special than seeing a child’s face light up. – Michael Cudlitz, Abraham on The Walking Dead


As well as meeting with their favourite stars for autographs or professional photo ops, attendees will have access to a wide range of engaging and unique activities across the showgrounds, including:
– Free celebrity Q&A panel sessions led by stars of The Walking Dead
– A heavily themed compound filled with activations to keep the walkers at bay and fans of the series entertained, by FX, the home of The Walking Dead in Australia.
– Escape The Biters: Those up for the challenge can follow in the footsteps of the show’s survivors and walk, run or crawl through a house on the hunt for supplies, avoid the zombies and get out ASAP.
– A team of incredibly talented tattoo artists, helmed by Chris 51 (A&E’s Epic Ink, GeeksterInk Legends).
– Vendors who deal in the comic, entertainment, zombie and other genres and industries.

“Purchasing autographs is one of the highlights of my weekend! You get to chat a bit with each star, and create a really personal once-in-a-lifetime memory!” – A London 2017 Attendee

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The panels feel like conversations between friends. They are intimate, hilarious, and sometimes include silly string fights with the audience! That could ONLY happen at Walker Stalker! – An Atlanta 2015 Attendee

Cosplay is a huge part of our events in the US and overseas! Dress up as your favorite TWD character, or shuffle around as a walker! All (appropriate) costumes are welcome! – Katie Anderson, Cosplay Coordinator


I love social media, but meeting fans at Walker Stalker is so much more personal! – Ross Marquand, Aaron on The Walking Dead