New Jersey – Walker Stalker Con
This event has an energy I haven’t seen anywhere else. We’re not meeting fans, we’re hanging out with family. – Josh McDermitt, Eugene on The Walking Dead
Walker Stalker Con is by fans, for fans. Our focus is on authentic interactions with actors, free family friendly activities, and a relaxed environment where the actors we love can be themselves.


“My favorite moment was getting to meet my favorite actor of over 10 years, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, crying like a baby, and getting treated nicer than I could have ever imagined by him. His words were “We are together now, it’s ok.”  Happiest moment of my life thus far! He was the sweetest person ever and I will never forget that day! Thanks, Walker Stalker Con!”
-Cyntia  E,  New Jersey 2017 Attendee
“My favorite moment was when Michael Rooker jumped off panel stage and into the audience to answer questions, right after his awesome martial arts demonstration! He was such a real, genuine person, and really interacted with the fans and made everyone feel important.” 
– Joanie M,  New Jersey 2017 Attendee  
“The best part of Walker Stalker Con was that four moms were able to take a couple of days for themselves to enjoy something that makes them happy. It was surreal getting to meet so many of the characters from the show. They were ALL so friendly and down to earth. They made you feel like a long-lost family member. Cooper Andrews gave the biggest bear hugs and took time to listen and talk with all his fans, so we went through his line TWICE! It was definitely the break that my friends and I needed. We loved every minute of it!” 
– Brittany B,  New Jersey 2017 Attendee
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“My fave moment was watching my friend’s daughter dress up a baby Negan and having a heck of a good time at her first Walker Stalker New Jersey! The event was so family friendly, and she wasn’t even scared of zombie Santa, and even on the way out of the convention she said “Bye Monsters!”
– Sasha R,  Atlanta 2017 Attendee

NOTE: Many young fans know the characters from action figures & posters etc.

” I love The Walking Dead but I cried my eyes out when I met the Sons of Anarchy guys. Tommy Flanagan wiped my tears and said “Dry your eyes, little one” and he held my face in my hands. Probably the most memorable moment from the whole convention.
– Sharon A,  New Jersey 2017 Attendee
“My absolute best memory this year was when Steven Ogg took my daughter, Jessica, by the hand over to Austin Amelio and got her Photo op autographed. He made her feel like she was a star!”
– Mary B.,  New Jersey 2017 Attendee