Orlando – Walker Stalker Con
Chandler Riggs
Carl, The Walking Dead
Ross Marquand
Aaron, The Walking Dead
Jenna Elfman
June, Fear the Walking Dead
And More!
Coming Soon!
Join us at the OFFICIAL Walker Stalker Afterparty by Moshi Moshi Productions! Enjoy a night of no boundaries entertainment, celebrity hosts, VR stations, games, dancing, a photo booth, an SPFX makeup station, a $500 cash costume contest, and much more. Leave the little zombies chained up at home and join us at Club 3NINE & Poolside, an upscale nightclub with a pool bar and zombie-free zone poolside to relax. This event is 21 & Up only. 


“OK, seriously, where else can you watch Ross Marquand and Christian Serratos battle each other at Pictionary…I mean Sicktionary! A few lucky audience members even had a chance to join their team on stage! I almost died laughing! It was really a once-in-a-lifetime moment.”
– Shonda W,  Orlando 2015 Attendee
“My son just hit the age where mom isn’t cool anymore, but all #WSCOrlando he had the goofiest grin on his face. Later, he told me “I started my day meeting Norman Reedus, then offered my arm up to a cannibal. Josh McDermitt gave me Nerds and I ended my day with the man Greg Nicotero. This was the best day I’ve ever had.” He discussed his theories with very kind cast members and felt so acknowledged. At that time in his life, NOTHING could have been so helpful for him.
– Dawn A,  Orlando 2017 Attendee
“The vendors were INCREDIBLE! I love The Walking Dead, but I’m also an old-school horror junkie, and they had it all! I loved the handmade soaps shaped like body parts, the really freaky dolls, and even the baby werewolves. You just can’t find this stuff anywhere else!”
-Kate  R,  Orlando 2015 Attendee
“When my family booked our vacation to Orlando, I thought we’d spend the entire time at Disney Land. But my little dude had other plans! He’s never seen The Walking Dead, but he looves special effects and creepy costumes. And the free airbrush make up they had? Basically, his dream come true!  And don’t worry, we snuck in a visit to the Mouse House too!” 
– Susan C,  Orlando 2015 Attendee  
“We were at Walker Stalker Orlando on Alanna Masterson’s birthday! The staff has a special cake and hat for her, and the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday. She looked so happy! These guys give so much to us, it was cool to be able to do something cool for her.” 
– Jeanette B,  Orlando 2015 Attendee
“My favorite part was getting Jon Bernthal to SMILE! Thank you WSC for making it possible to meet my inspiration after five years of trying!”
– Katie S,  Orlando 2015 Attendee
“My favorite moment was watching my kids practicing their zombie walk with the cast of Bitten! The actors were all so relaxed and silly. You can tell they really love coming to the events. It feels like a family reunion!”
– Rhonda R,  Orlando 2015 Attendee