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I especially love meeting the little ones at Walker Stalker. Nothing is more special
than seeing a child’s face light up. – Michael Cudlitz, Abraham on The Walking Dead

Walker Stalker Con is by fans, for fans. Our focus is on authentic interactions with actors, free family friendly activities,
and a relaxed environment where the actors we love can be themselves.

Josh McDermitt
Eugene, The Walking Dead
Steven Ogg
Simon, The Walking Dead
Ron Perlman
Clay, Sons of Anarchy & Hellboy
Ryan Hurst
Opie, Sons of Anarchy

Walking Dead may be my favorite show these days, but I grew up on Doctor Who. Seeing Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill in person was incredible. And watching them sing Bohemian Rhapsody? Well, that’s something I’ll probably be telling my kids about.  – Trixie P, San Francisco 2015 Attendee

She’s incredible. She makes me feel like I can do anything! – A San Francisco 2015 Attendee, about Laurie Holden

Meet the stars that inspire you! The shows we love are more than just entertainment. Don’t miss your chance to tell our guests exactly what they mean to you!


Having food trucks parked right inside the venue meant more options for my picky kiddos! It was one of those uniquely San Francisco touches that make this show special. – Samantha J, San Francisco 2015 Attendee

My favorite part was the fire dancers who put on a show as the sun set. Walker Stalker really went above and beyond to pack every moment with something incredible and unexpected! – Ginny C, San Francisco 2015 Attendee


San Francisco was just a few weeks after Bob’s “Tainted Meat” moment! So of course Walker Stalker celebrated with a Bob-B-Que for attendees, and a live taping of a podcast!  -Brittany K, San Francisco 2015 Attendee

The cosplay at Walker Stalker is always on point, but the cosplay groups in San Francisco were next level! There was a Daryl so good I was double taking all weekend. And when he walked onto the cosplay contest stage carrying a Beth, I almost cried! – Cindy S, San Francisco 2015 Attendee


I got to go INSIDE the TARDIS! Both the life-sized replica and the 10th Doctor cosplayer Walker Stalker brought in were incredible. I was such a giddy fan girl. TWD & Doctor Who at one show? Yes please!  – Carrie B, San Francisco 2015 Attendee

My favorite moment was watching Michael Rooker pose for this photo! He turned to the cosplayer and was like “Come on girl, take a bite!” He was totally serious, so she did!  – Elizabeth B, San Francisco Attendee 2016