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I especially love meeting the little ones at Walker Stalker. Nothing is more special
than seeing a child’s face light up. – Michael Cudlitz, Abraham on The Walking Dead

Walker Stalker Con is by fans, for fans. Our focus is on authentic interactions with actors, free family friendly activities,
and a relaxed environment where the actors we love can be themselves.

Xander Berkeley
Gregory, The Walking Dead & George Mason, 24
Michael Rooker
Merle, The Walking Dead
Alexandra Breckenridge
Jessie, The Walking Dead
Giancarlo Esposito
Gus, Breaking Bad
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Walker Stalker has an energy I haven’t seen anywhere else. We’re not meeting fans, we’re hanging out with family. – Josh McDermitt, Eugene on The Walking Dead

Want to share your incredible day with your friends? Many guests offer selfies for purchase at their autograph tables, in addition to professional Photo Ops!

Learning special effects from someone who’s worked with The Jim Henson Company, MTV, & SYFY was a literally once in a lifetime opportunity for me. He broke down the techniques and tools perfectly! –An Atlanta 2015 Attendee

Join Tate Steinsiek at 4:00 on Saturday for a 2 hour demonstration showcasing intermediate and advanced zombie special effects. This is YOUR chance to get up close and personal with one of the stars of Face Off as he explains and demonstrates his incredible craft.

Tate FX

I love social media, but meeting fans at Walker Stalker is so much more personal! – Ross Marquand, Aaron on The Walking Dead

The chance to purchase autographs and enjoy a short conversation with our guests is one of the main reasons folks attend! Autographs are not sold in advance or online, just line up at each Celebrity’s booth to buy yours! Each actor has a selection of 8X10 photographs you can choose from, or you can bring an object for the actor to sign at their discretion!

The panels feel like conversations between friends. They are intimate, hilarious, and sometimes include silly string fights with the audience! That could ONLY happen at Walker Stalker! – An Atlanta 2015 Attendee

Our free Celebrity Q&A Panels offer our audience the chance to ask cast members questions in person! Our panel stage is on the main convention floor so you can stay for a whole panel, or wander by for a few minutes! No special tickets required.


They had everything from official Skybound merchandise to hand crafted soap…shaped like bloody ears! – A Chicago 2016 Attendee

Access to our Exhibitors Hall is free, and features incredible local artists, shops, and more!