Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that we receive. If your question is not addressed here, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll respond within 48 hours.


How do I gain Entry to the event?

Depending on which delivery method you selected (either Hard ticket via Registered post or PDF ticket via email,) please bring your ticket to the event and queue in the relevant entry lane which will be signed with the same name as the ticket you purchased. For Example GA enter via the GA queue.

On entry to relevant queue you will have your bag checked after which you will present your ticket for scanning and be given the relevant wristband / pass which will give you access to the event and act as a pass out.

If you purchased a Platinum or Gold Package please enter via relevant signed lane where after having your bag searched, your ticket scanned and wristband applied will also collect tangible package inclusions.

Can I pick up tickets for Family and friends?

Please note there is NO Venue collection available for this show. All tickets have been either mailed via Registered post or emailed.

Is it possible to change or refund my ticket?

To change the name of a ticket you will need to contact Moshtix, who charges a $10 fee for name change for all tickets and packages.

Otherwise, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tickets cannot be applied towards future Walker Stalker Conventions.

You can also contact Moshtix to arrange an upgrade.

Phone number: 1300 438 849

Email us via:

Do you offer children's tickets in Australia?

ALL children under 12 years of age require a Children’s Ticket*, while all children OVER 12 require a ticket at the same level as their parent.

*If you have a Platinum ticket and want your child to be able to skip lines with you, sit in the front rows at panels and eat lunch in the green room, they will also need a Platinum VIP ticket.

When will I receive my hard tickets?

Tickets for Melbourne and Sydney are being posted out week commencing 15 Jan.

If you have not received by Friday 26 Jan please contact

Refund info for Photo Ops of cancelled guests

Refunds for Norman Reedus Christian Serratos, Cooper Andrews and Chandler Riggs (Melbourne only) Photo ops will be automatically processed onto the credit card used for the original purchase within the next 3 business days.

If you paid cash or EFTPOS at an outlet, please return to the same outlet to obtain a refund.

You do not need to contact moshtix to obtain a refund, but if you do require any further assistance, please respond to this email and our friendly customer service team will be in touch.

Will my badge or wristband be mailed to me?


If you selected hard tickets via registered post, please be advised that there have been no changes to the print suppression of these tickets. Hard tickets will be held back from printing and delivery until mid-January. Please check the event pages regularly closer to the event.  On entry to the venue you will present your barcoded ticket for scanning and be given the relevant badge or wristband.

PDF Ticket:

PDF tickets will be emailed on Tue 15 August. You will need either print the ticket out (bar code for each person) or present your phone for scanning at entry and you will be given the relevant badge or wristband in exchange

Can you scan my order confirmation from my phone?

Yes! However, a printed order confirmation can mean shorter wait times.

Please ensure your brightness setting is set to full! 

Do you have accommodations for disabilities?

Absolutely! Please visit to learn more

What is included in General Admission?

General Admission includes admission to our event, general Q&A panels, and the opportunity to visit vendors and artists. They do not include autographs or photo ops with the guests. Autographs and photo ops with guests CAN be purchased separately by attendees of any badge level.

Which lane does a child enter?

Children can enter via any lane with their parent and will be issued a child’s wristband (valid for both days).


How can I upgrade my current ticket?

You can contact Moshtix to arrange an upgrade.

Phone number: 1300 438 849

Email us via:

I purchased a Gold or Platinum ticket. When do I select which autographs and professional photo ops I want?

They will be selected at the event. When you pick up your badge you will also be given your autograph and photo op vouchers. These vouchers work like cash; you simply bring them to the celebrity’s table or photo op line and turn them in. You can select any individual actor photo op even if it has previously sold out. Please note that your platinum or gold photo op tokens can NOT be redeemed for photos ops featuring 2 or more actors.

Do Regular VIPs include photo ops or autographs?

No, Regular VIPs are like a fast pass and are limited in the number available. Photo Ops and autographs may be purchased separately.


When and how are autographs sold?

Photo ops for all guests are on sale now through Moshtix, and if not sold out, in person. Please check the Photo Ops ticketing page for all prices and information.

Photo Ops can be purchased by ANY attendee, regardless of ticket level.

Are there scheduled times for autographs?

Our guests sign any time they aren’t in photo ops, panels, or enjoying lunch. Each guest will have a detailed schedule posted at their table as well. Due to longer lines, we recommend visiting more in-demand actors earlier in the day.

What is a photo op?

Photo ops are professionally taken photos and include an 8—10 print out of your photo. You can purchase additional print outs or digital downloads from our photo op provider.

Photo ops are taken at scheduled times and are subject to change. Check back soon for more details!

When and how are photo ops sold?

Generally, Photo Ops are purchased online in the weeks before the event, and in person with cash. Photo Ops can be purchased by ANY attendee, regardless of ticket level.

Can I take selfies or table photos with the celebrities?

Some guests offer selfies for purchase at their tables. The policy and price is set by each agent the weekend of the convention.

Can I give letters or gifts to the celebrities?

You may bring a small present or letter to a guest’s autograph booth. Gifts will NOT be accepted in the photo ops area due to limited space.

How many people can be in each photo op?

One photo op can have up to 2 adult attendees and 3 children attendees (16 and under) in it.

Can I bring a replica of Negan's Bat or Michonne's Katana to be signed or for cosplay?

All weapons or replicas must be made of plastic, resin, or foam. No real wood or metal bats or katanas will be allowed inside the venue. Please see our Code of Conduct section for more details.

How many fans can be in one photo with one ticket?

For each ticket purchased you may have two adult fans in the photo. In the case of families, you may have two adults plus three children under 16. If you would like to have more than two adults additional ticket purchases may be required. I.E. If you would like 3-4 adults, 2 total photo op tickets must be purchased and used for that photo. If you would like 5-6 adults, 3 total photo op tickets must be purchased and used for that photo. These rules also apply to tokens included in the Gold and Platinum packages. Platinum and Gold ticket holders may bring non platinum/gold friends or family with them to their photo op so long as they meet he guidelines listed above.


What is your Anti-Harassment Policy?

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault, battery, harassing or unwanted photography or recording, continuous disruption of panels or other events, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention.

We reserve the right to remove any person from the event at any time. If someone’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, please locate a staff member or visit our customer service desk to report an incident.

What is your Cosplay Policy?

No fake guns of any kind or design will be allowed inside the venue. All other cosplay weapons must be made of plastic, resin, or foam. Crossbows must be unstrung.

If your cosplay weapon does not meet our guidelines, you may return it to your vehicle.

Additionally, whether you are a member of the general public or a member of the cosplay community, please remember that “Cosplay Is Not Consent,” and familiarize yourself with our Anti-Harassment Policy.

What is your Weapons Policy?

Walker Stalker Con has a zero tolerance policy for real weaponry. Real weapons of any kind are expressly forbidden on the premises. This includes all firearms and airsoft guns. This also applies to attendees who may have a permit or license to carry said weapon.

Any person found to be carrying a weapon of any kind will have their ticket for the event revoked and to be removed from the event space.

What is your Bag / Backpack Policy?

Bags of all sizes will be allowed inside the venue but will be subject to search. A larger bag or backpack may slow your entry into our event, while we ensure the safety of those around you. We ask for your patience entering the hall.