Below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive. If your question is not addressed here, please email us at [email protected] and we will respond to your question within 48 hours. We are excited that you are attending and want to be able to provide you with excellent service, addressing your questions, concerns and needs. Thank you!

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Tickets & Admission

I purchased my ticket online, do I still have to go to will call or will it be mailed to me?

Your ticket will not be mailed to your address, it will be emailed to you and you will need to bring that to will call at the event to pick up your wristband or badge.

I purchased my ticket from living social, groupon, amazon (anything other than ticketleap), do I still go to will call at the event?

Yes, take whatever was provided to you and pick up your wristband or badge at will call at the event.

Can I get tickets at the door?

Yes, we sell all tickets at the door unless the event is sold out.

My ticket is in someone else’s name, can I still pick it up for my group?

Yes, you may pick up tickets for your group so long as you have the tickets with the bar or QR code on them.

I don’t have a printer can you scan the ticket from my phone?

Yes we can scan from your phone, we recommend downloading the ticketleap app and creating a ticketleap account, all of your purchases will be in your account on the app and we can scan from there.

I pre-purchased my ticket, will I still have to wait in line?

Since you need to present your ticket to will call to pick up your wristband or badge, there will still be lines the day of the event, we strongly recommend you pick up your wristband or badge early. We open will call the day before every event and an hour before VIP entrance each day of the event. Please note that lines are to be expected at events such as this, both for will call and for entrance to the event, dress appropriately for the weather in the location of the event.

What does General Admission get you?

Admission and access: general admission is exactly that, it gets you into the event, you have the same access as everyone else, you will just have to wait in the general admission lines for autographs and photo ops. You can shop all vendors, attend all panels and meet all the celebrity guests.

Do VIP passes come with autographs and photos with the cast?

No, regular VIPs are like a fast pass, they get you faster access and are limited in the number available for each con. Celebrity specific VIPs come with an autograph and photo op with that celebrity. Gold and Platinum VIPs come with what is stated on the ticket.

How do children tickets work?

  • Children of all ages are allowed at the convention.
  • Children 10 and under are free with a paying adult ticket of a Celebrity VIP or below (2 children per 1 adult ticket). Children above 10 require a ticket and all children needing a Gold or Platinum must have a paid for Gold or Platinum ticket.
  • If you want to enter when your child over 10 does and stay with them the entire time (autograph lines, seating for panels, etc.) you will need the same level of ticket as your child (VIP, Celebrity VIP, Gold, etc.)
  • If you have a VIP and a child under 10, they can go everywhere you go and receive the access perks of the pass you have but do not receive additional autographs or photo ops if your pass comes with those (ex: you have a Celebrity VIP which comes with an autograph and a photo op, your child that is 10 or under can enter early, use the Celebrity VIP line with you, sit with you at panels but will not get an additional autograph or photo op.) If you have a Gold or Platinum ticket and want your child to be able to skip lines with you, sit in the front row(s) at panels with you and eat lunch in the green room (Platinums only), they will also need a purchased Gold or Platinum ticket.

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes, you can upgrade from a lower level ticket to any higher level ticket. Email us at [email protected] for specific instructions. While you can upgrade from a regular VIP to a Celebrity specific VIP, you cannot swap from one Celebrity VIP to another so make your selection carefully. If the celebrity you really want has not been announced, it is advisable to purchase a regular VIP and wait. Also, we are unable to upgrade a ticket purchased from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, Goldstar or any other third-party outlet.

Do my tickets get me into the after hour events?

Some conventions will have after-hour events, examples include: Zombie Bash, Emily Kinney Concert, Irone Singleton one man show, Riggs Family concert and interview, Celebrity guided tour, etc. These are all separate from the convention and require their own tickets unless otherwise specifically included in your convention ticket purchase. Also, children 10 and under do not get in free to these events, every “body” needs a ticket.

I purchased a photo op; do I need an admission ticket?

Yes, photo ops and autographs are extras and you need an admission ticket to get into the convention and redeem those extras.

I purchased a Gold or Platinum ticket; does my wife/husband/child need one too?

Yes, every admission ticket is good for one person only, every person needs their own ticket. Children 10 and under also need one of these tickets to get the perks associated with these tickets.

I purchased a Gold or Platinum ticket; when do I select which autographs and photo ops I want?

You select at the con. When you pick up your badges you will also be given autograph and photo op vouchers. The autograph vouchers work like cash, you simply bring those up to the celebrity table of your choice and turn it in and get your autograph. For the photo op voucher, you need to go to the photo op area after checking in at will call, there you will be able to select which individual photo ops you want and exchange the vouchers for actual tickets at scheduled times. You may select any individual photo op even if “sold out”.

Do you have one day VIPs or do I need an admission ticket in addition to my VIP?

VIPs are for all days of the convention and are your admission ticket, you do not need an additional admission ticket. If you have a Celebrity VIP that says “Saturday” or “Sunday” on them, you still have admission for all days of the con. The day designation is explained below.

Do you have accommodations for disabilities?

Yes, please email for inquiries and specific requests/needs.

Do you offer military or law enforcement discounts?

Yes, military or law enforcement personnel with ID can get in free the day of the event by showing ID at ticketing. We are sorry but you cannot get tickets in advance. We do hold tickets back for this purpose if the event is otherwise sold out.

Do you offer group discounts?

No, we do not offer any group discounts at this time. If you are a non-profit or charity organization, please email inquiries to [email protected]

Autographs and Photo ops

Do you sell autograph tickets?

We no longer pre-sell autographs from our website. All autograph purchases are cash at the tables at the convention. Just wait in the appropriate line and pay at each table. (Except for Celebrity, Gold and Platinum VIPs, which come with autograph tickets as described on your ticket purchase.)

How many autographs can I get?

You can get as many as you want to pay for.

How much are autographs?

The actors and their management set their prices and collect the money. It varies by actor and is subject to change. Generally, they range from $20-$80 dollars.

Is there a scheduled time for autographs?

No, you can get autographs from the celebrities anytime during the day when they are not otherwise at photo ops, a panel or taking a break. We suggest you go to high demand celebrities early in the day.

Do I need to bring something or purchase something for them to sign?

They will have photos available at their tables if you have nothing of your own to sign. Or you may bring something of your own for them to sign. The actor may refuse to sign a specific item for any reason (such as lewd photos or body parts).

Can I give letters or gifts to the celebrities?

Yes, you can give them anything you like when you go up for your autograph, it is up to each celebrity whether they will accept the gift.

Can I interview the celebrity at their table?

No, you may talk to the celebrity but you may not “interview” them and must move along when their management asks you to.

What are “Photo ops”?

Photo ops are professionally taken photos for which you will receive an 8×10 of your photo. You can purchase additional print outs or digital downloads from our photo op provider. Photo ops are available for sale from our website typically 4-6 weeks before each event and can also be purchased with cash at the convention. Photo ops are taken at scheduled times and are subject to change (times and celebrities in group photos). One photo op can have up to 2 adults and 4 children 10 and under along with the celebrities in it. Please visit our photo op provider’s website and review their Terms of Service and FAQs. Questions regarding photo ops should be directed to [email protected]

I have a celebrity VIP that says Saturday or Sunday, what does that mean?

The day designation on certain celebrity VIPs is for the photo op only, you still get admittance to the convention on all days of the convention and can obtain your autograph at anytime they are at their tables.

Can I take photos with a celebrity with my camera or phone?

Whether or not a celebrity allows what is known as “table photos” or “selfies” is up to each celebrity and their management. Some allow it, some don’t and some charge for it. Please respect the wishes of our celebrities and follow the rules that the celebrity sets either by sign or by volunteer.

Can I take photos or video of the convention in general?

Yes, we encourage you to take photos during the convention. Taking pictures or videos of celebrities at their tables is subject to the rules they set (see above). Taking pictures and videos at panels is subject to the rules announced at the beginning of each panel. Some panels may be restricted.

Cancelations and Refunds

I can no longer attend, what is your return policy?

We do not offer refunds, all tickets are purchased as non refundable.

My favorite celebrity cancelled, what happens now?

If a celebrity cancels their appearance at the con, you will be refunded for any autographs or photo ops pre-purchased. If you have a celebrity VIP for the celebrity that cancels, you will be given the option to select another celebrity VIP that we have for that specific convention even if they are otherwise “sold out”. You also have the option of downgrading to a regular VIP and getting a refund for the autograph and photo op portion of the ticket. Full refunds are not available, cancellations are commonplace within the convention community, if you are coming solely for one guest, you may want to wait and purchase your tickets at the door.