Ink Fusion Empire

Ink-Fusion Empire is the Worlds leading Professional tattoo program at only the finest of Comic Cons and Entertainment conventions.

Working with the likes of Lucas Films LTD , and the one and only Godfather of Comics, Stan Lee, We’re glad to be part of the Walkers at the Walker Stalker conventions.


Marc Draven

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My name is Marc Draven. I am a professional tattoo artist in the Tampa, Florida area. Tattooing is my passion and I have been doing it for over 20 years. Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to break into the entertainment world and work with countless TV, movie, comic and entertainment talent. Over ten years ago, I took my experience and success in both industries and merged them to create Ink-Fusion “When the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide”. We have traveled both domestically and internationally to host shows for various conventions. We give fans the chance to see professional tattooing live, as well as the opportunity to get a tattoo themselves. I’ve been fortunate enough to break down barriers and be the first tattoo artist in history to be licensed by Lucasfilm LTD, and endorsed by Comic book legend, Stan Lee.
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Chris Jones


Chris Jones. Movie Geek, Comic Nerd, Tattoo Artist. Chris was perhaps best known for clean and bright new school work. However, it’s his colour portraits that are turning heads at the moment. Chris has to be one of the most talented tattoo artists on the UK scene right now – as well as a huge genre fan, specialising in full colour pop culture portraits.
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Jersey Jay


Hello, my name is Jersey Jay Wymbs. I am an artist and owner of Pogue Mahone Tattoo Company in Red Bank, New Jersey. I have been a lover of art as far back as I can remember and a tattoo artist since 1991. I like to work in multiple mediums including charcoal, oil pastel, oil paint, digital design and tattooing to name a few.

When I’m not busy working I enjoy family time, traveling, movies, live music, fishing and my dog. I believe finding enjoyment in all aspects of daily life is the key to inspiration and a life fulfilled with happiness. With that being said, I approach my art in a similar manner. Whether its painting for fun or creating elaborate tattoos, I want each piece to be unique and make people feel something that will make them smile.

As a tattoo artist I specialize in color work, mainly: Cover Ups, Color Portraiture and Asian Inspired. I like to be versatile in all styles of tattoo design from traditional Asian or Americana to soft black and grey and everything in between. Each client is unique and individually expressive and I want to be able to make everyone happy in their own skin regardless of style.

I would like to invite you to preview my portfolio at any of my Facebook Pages, Jersey Jay Wymbs, Tattoos by Jersey Jay Wymbs or Pogue Mahone Tattoo Company. To Book an appointment please call the studio @ (732) 383-TAT0 (8280) or contact me via e-mail @

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Josh Wiley

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Bio & contact information coming soon!

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Joe Lagrua

Bio & contact information coming soon!
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Cale Turpen

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Bio & contact information coming soon!

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Brandi Smart


emails or portfolio queries can be sent to:  or
and instagram @smartbrandi
FB link of portfolio:

Brandi works at Bombshell hair & Ink in Benicia, CA, and has been tattooing 5 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and brings lots of creativity and a more versatile illustrative style to her tattooing. She loves tattooing animals, plants, and figures and is meticulous to detail. Brandi tattoos custom work or flash and provides consultations for bigger pieces, and a good listener who will work with you to create the tattoo you’re looking for.

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Eddie Argh

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Salutations!!! My name is Eddy Arg. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia at Sacred Heart Tattoo.  I’ve been tattooing for 16 years and grew up in the 80s. My childhood memories are filled with both post school, and Saturday morning cartoons and comics. I’ve never really grown up and love the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to never really have to. I’m a kid at heart and love tattooing. If you’re into bright, bold, cartoony, new school nerdtastic art, I’m your geek. LET A NERD KNOW! :)

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Josh Heckert

Bio & contact information coming soon!
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Adam Golden

I was Born in Upstate New York in 1985. I have worked in many mediums including but not limited to tattoo, oil painting, watercolor painting, and bronze sculpting. I completed a BFA from Alfred University in 2008 before beginning my tattoo apprenticeship in 2009. I have been tattooing professionally for almost five years and currently tattoo out of Tymeless Tattoo in Baldwinsville NY.
I do not limit myself to just one style of tattoo and that is what keeps me loving my job everyday. Most of my clients come to me for my watercolor tattoos or my illustrative realism style. As far as the things that inspire my artwork I would have to say the elements of my childhood influence me as much as nature. I look back to movies, comic books, and cartoons from my youth as well as a love for wild life and nature.
I am constantly looking to my contemporaries to help kick my art into the next gear and push me to take my art to the next level. I like to compare of my career to the life and health of a shark. If a shark stops moving, stops progressing then it dies. My career is based on this simple philosophy: never stop reaching for more or you will be left in the dust as the hungry move forward.


Find my work at:

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Jerzy Lauren Milner


Lauren “JerZY” Milner was born in the little desert city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After traveling all over the planet (courtesy of the U.S. Millitary) she settled in NJ for 9 years and grew up in the town of Princeton. She started reading and drawing comics at an early age, as these were easy to pack and move with. Her D20’s and her Magic cards were her best friends. Traveling to East Tennessee she found  a passion in first toy customization, then the art of tattooing. She began her tattoo training in 2007 under Tattoo Jedi Master Brandon Craven, owner of Craven Ink. Still at Craven Ink, she is a 7th level (year) tattoo artist hailing now from the beautiful countryside of Greeneville, TN. Still thirsty for knowledge she enjoys working with others who surround themselves with their love of artwork and dedication to their craft.

Her favorite things include custom tattoos and working with her clients to get the best out of their pieces, but she enjoys reworks and cover ups greatly as well. She is capable of most styles, but her favorites are color New School and Illustrative designs.

When she is not tattooing/drawing/painting/artzing, she enjoys vintage video games (she still hasn’t beat Pacman, ONE DAY!!) collecting 80’s toys (you may not want to know how many) and watching movies (mostly old horror, B-movies, Troma, Fangoria but Anime gets in there too). She also continues to create custom toy sculptures. She works with animal rescues/charity groups and helps foster/donates artwork when the need arrises.

She has been published in Son of Electric Frankenstein: More High Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster & Record by Sal Canzonieri as well as Reptiles magazine. She has won awards for her work in the Knoxville Tattoo conventions-3rd Place Black and Grey and Best Color of the Day as well repeatedly winning first place for her custom toy sculptures at various fairs and conventions. She only started attending conventions 2 years ago, and hopes that her art gains more ground and finds more people willing to offer tidbits of mastery so she can sharpen her skills further.

You can see her more of her artwork online at the following locations:

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Loki Shane DeFriece


My name is Loki Shane DeFriece, and I’m a tattoo artist at, (and the manager of), Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta, a co-worker and good friend of Eddy Arg, and I’ve heard a lot about your group from Eddy since his entry. I’m glad to hear that you like my work and pleased at the prospect of joining the fun.

I’m a cartoon addict who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Raised on Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers and Marvel comics, my appreciation for animation matured and transgressed into the realms of pop and sub-pop cultures, dark humor, and abstract thought. As my children have grown up, my love for cartoons has become a family affair and, even as they enter adulthood, has kept me up to date with all the new stuff that comes out.

I started tattooing in 1998, and I’ve always found ways to incorporate my cartoon, comic book, and animation influences into my tattoo artwork . I am sought after for this type of work, as well as for my watercolor and abstract designs. I pride myself on my down-to-earth, non-rockstar attitude, which I know is a key element of both your conventions and your group as a whole. I love the idea that the focus is to nerd out and have fun – that’s what it should be about! – and I’m excited to be a part of this experience.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Loki Shane DeFriece
cell: 678-891-9129

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Dan Stone


Dan Stone (a.k.a Scribblyhead)

My objective is to perform the art of professional tattooing at the Ink Fusion tattoo festival held at the Horror Hound Weekend. This event takes places at the Sharonville convention center March 20th-22nd 2015.

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