ft_inkInk-Fusion Empire is the Worlds leading Professional tattoo program at only the finest of Comic Cons and Entertainment conventions.

Working with the likes of Lucas Films LTD , and the one and only Godfather of Comics, Stan Lee, We’re glad to be part of the Walkers at the Walker Stalker conventions.

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Marc Draven

wscchi15-tattoo-scott My name is Marc Draven. I am a professional tattoo artist in the Tampa, Florida area. Tattooing is my passion and I have been doing it for over 20 years. Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to break into the entertainment world and work with countless TV, movie, comic and entertainment talent. Over ten years ago, I took my experience and success in both industries and merged them to create Ink-Fusion “When the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide”. We have traveled both domestically and internationally to host shows for various conventions. We give fans the chance to see professional tattooing live, as well as the opportunity to get a tattoo themselves. I’ve been fortunate enough to break down barriers and be the first tattoo artist in history to be licensed by Lucasfilms LTD, and endorsed by Comic book legend, Stan Lee. Click here to visit Marc Draven’s official website.


Scott Versago

wscchi15-tattoo-scott Tattooing, though an incredible passion of his, didn’t stick at first. Following the completion of his apprenticeship in 1996, Scott Versago went on hiatus from the medium and took to mastering the digital arts. Over the next ten years, Versago founded his own marketing and advertising firm, and was responsible for designing and developing multi-million dollar projects for such high-profile clients as; Microsoft, IBM, MCI Worldcom, The City of Cleveland, The Cleveland Browns, and Goodwin Sports Management (Lebron James), as well as many others. After merging his firm with a production studio based in Nashville, Tennessee, Scott sold his company and stepped out of the professional digital arts business for good in order to refocus his career path towards his true love of tattooing. – See more at: http://inkarmy.com/scott-versago#sthash.zFUSyvod.dpuf


Ian Simon

wscchi15-tattoo-scott Ian Michigan wilderness………wait , wrong story of Ian. After in in Youngstown Ohio in 2009, Bitter Hearts Tattoo quickly gained a reputation for being a fun and professional atmosphere and spawned the eventual tourcareer Ian started in 2014. He had done conventions as an apprentice, but now under his own banner he finally could compete. In his first year out he won twelve awards. He traveled between the east coast and chicago and did quite a few guest spots as well. All the while gaining acclaim at home for his realism and cover-up skills. Finally in the beginning of 2015 he was added to the roster of the Ink Fusion Empire and now plans to expand his reach and range even more. Currently he is working on a self-produced n work, band albums and promotions, as well as continuing to built a series of prints of his own artwork. Ian has won countless awards for his tattoos at conventions nationwide.

Contact Info

Website: www.bitterheartstattoo.com
Instagram and Twitter @iansimontats


2209 Mahoning Ave. Youngstown Oh 44509


Jessie Villars

wscchi15-tattoo-scottBiography coming soon.


Albert Smart

wscchi15-tattoo-scottHI my name is Albert Smart and I am a tattoo artist from Chicago. I have been drawing for as long as i can remember and tattooing almost 10 years and find it more exciting every year. I especially enjoy collaborating with my clients to design creative and long lasting custom tattoos. I am attracted to most art and tattoo styles, but I’m particularly inspired by larger projects involving flowing compositions in a variety of colors or black and grey done with an illustrativeapproach. You can email me at [email protected] for booking and questions. looking forward to working with you.

[email protected]


Angelo Tiffe

wscchi15-tattoo-scottAngelo Tiffe is a tattoo artist originally from the Midwest, currently working in Chicago. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years, and has won multiple awards for both color and black-and-grey. Angelo’s art has allowed him to work in many places all over the country, including Las Vegas and California, until most recently he’s found a home at Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing. Angelo is a custom artist who specializes in large, bright, vibrant color pieces, especially in the neo-traditional style. He also enjoys doing black-and-grey, and is experienced in hand stippling. His drive and ambition motivates him to work conventions and guest spots, pushing himself and his artwork to the next level. Angelo’s focus is to provide what is best for his clients. He not only wants you to love your tattoo, but to love the experience as a whole, and makes sure everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

Cellphone :773-892-9064


Mike Kelly

wscchi15-tattoo-scottMike Kelly has been tattooing over 10 years. He works in a variety of mediums as well on the skin. More than capable of designing in different styles, he specializes in photo-realism. He is a geek to the core and a fanatic for the horror and sci-fi genre.

Contact Info:
DLG Tattoo 1218 Lowry Avenue
Jeannette, PA 15644

724-522-5205 (shop number)
724-882-7244 (personal cell)
E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: DLGMike / DLGTattoos
Facebook: facebook.com/darklightgalleries
Twitter: @DLGTattoos
Tumblr: DLG Tattoo
Web site: www.dlgtattoo.com