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Eugene, The Walking Dead
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Rosita, The Walking Dead
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I have been to many conventions and I have to say the Walker Stalker event in Nashville was one of the best. The staff and volunteers were so helpful and nice, and the celebrities were great to the fans. One of my best moments was Josh McDermitt making a sweet little video for my wife who couldn’t be there due to illness. – Teresa S, Nashville 2016 Attendee

Need help during the show? Just look for our volunteer’s brightly colored shirts! They’ll take good care of you.

Selfies with Alexandra Breckenridge was my absolute favorite memory. We had platinum passes and the whole experience was great. Our Platinum concierge made sure we got to meet everyone and kept track of all of our photo ops for us. Can’t wait for this year! – Hayley A, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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The saviors panel was awesome but my favorite moment was watching Katelyn Nacon singing on the main panel stage. Who knew she had a really great voice! – Lee G, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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My favorite moment had to be when my three year old boy got to see and even go inside of Dale’s RV! He had just got the building set for the Christmas that year and every time we would see an RV on the convention floor he would say is that Dale’s? It was a priceless moment that he will never forget ! Thanks for making that moment possible! -Brittany K, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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My favorite moment would have to be watching my 5 year old daughter light up when she saw Ian Somerhalder! We met him in Atlanta and ever since she’s had the biggest crush on him and he is just so sweet to her it melts my heart! All the celebs were friendly so down to earth like they had known us for years 🙂 My little one had such a great time she actually cried when we had to leave! Can’t wait til next year! -Tawnya G, Nashville 2016 Attendee

We are definitely a family friendly, though there are people who come dressed like walkers.  You are the best judge of what your child can handle, and what experiences will be the most fun for them!

My favorite moment was when I found ‘Jesus’ in Nashville! I gave Tom Payne my What Would Jesus Do?” shirt and he said, I quote, ‘I love it. You should make more shirts with my face on them!’ – Rebecca S, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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My absolute favorite moment was when I took my dad to meet Lawrence Gilliard Jr. I had already met him a couple of times in Atlanta, and when we went up to the table he remembered me and asked to take a selfie with us instead of the other way around. It was so sweet, and then a couple of days later I woke up to the picture on his Instagram! You can only imagine the surprise for my dad when I showed him, I was always #teambob but I am now more than ever!  – Sarah F, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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My highlight was meeting Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger! Nightmare on Elm Street is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Middle-School-Me geeked out when he spoke in the Freddy voice during our Photo Op. It was an amazing experience! – Julie J, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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My favorite moment was when Michael Rooker stole my service dog for his cast-only Photo Op! – Elizabeth B, Nashville Attendee 2016

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My favorite moment wasn’t really one moment, it was the fantastic way that my daughter was treated by the staff and volunteers. She was on crutches due to an injury and they were outstanding and went out of their way to make sure that she was comfortable and they made sure that her being on crutches didn’t diminish her experience at all. – Michelle B, Nashville 2016 Attendee

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