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Jimmy Price (Hannibal)

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Well known to fans as a member of the famed sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, Scott Thompson is anything but your average comedic talent. After being discovered by SNL’s Lorne Michaels in the late eighties, The Kids in the Hall television series ran from 1988 to 1995 on CBC in Canada, and on HBO and CBS in the United States. After The Kids left television in 1995, Scott and the boys went on to write and star in their own feature film “BRAIN CANDY,” which is a cult favorite today.

Thompson also appeared as a regular for three years on the revolutionary comedy series The Larry Sanders Show as Brian, Hank Kingsley’s assistant. In addition, he played a recurring role as Elliot the dog baker on NBC’s Providence and then in 2001 produced and co-wrote the Showtime documentary Uncle Saddam. During this time he made numerous guest appearances on other shows such as Politically Incorrect and Late Night w/ Conan O’Brien.

In 2004, he hosted the Genie Awards in Canada and then went undercover as former war correspondent, Danny Husk on The Husk Report on Fashion TV. In 2005, he hosted the landmark reality series My Fabulous Gay Wedding for Global Canada and Logo in the US. He took on the host’s role once more the following year with the CBC series Pop Up Royals as Queen Elizabeth and starred in the popular television movie ‘Prom Queen.’

Thompson along with fellow writer Paul Bellini is the author of ‘ Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy Cole’, an outrageous memoir of one of Thompson’s most famous characters, Buddy Cole. He has appeared in such feature films as ‘’Ron Ronnie Run’, ‘The Pacifier’ and ‘Mickey Blue Eyes.’

In 2008 the Kids took off on the road once again with a brand new show consisting entirely of new material. The venture was so successful and creatively rewarding that the quintet decided to create a new television show which became an eight-part mini-series entitled ‘Death Comes to Town’ which aired earlier this year on CBC in Canada and on IFC in the United States.

Lately Scott has been touring as a stand-up comic and appearing in such series as ‘Reno 911’, Tim and Eric Awesome Show’ and Carpoolers’. He has worked on various animation projects as well, lending his voice talents to such series as ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’, ‘Roboroach’ and ‘The Simpson’s’.

He also regularly hits the boards with various one man shows. His latest is called ‘Scottastrophe’ and it has toured all over North America. Scott hosts the popular podcast ‘Scott Free’ on iTunes.and last year appeared onstage in Toronto in Beauty and the Beast, a traditional English Pantomime. He has just finished two short films which he produced, wrote and starred in called ’Fifty Two’ and ‘’Four Pounds’.which are still touring the festival circuit. His newest short ‘The Immigrant’ won ‘Best of the Fest’ at the 2012 Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival.

Scott’s latest project is the graphic novel ‘The Hollow Planet’, based on Thompson’s original screenplay about his mustachioed alter ego, Danny Husk which was published on Dec.1st from IDW Press and Frozen Beach Publishing. It was a bestseller in the graphic novel world and Scott is hard at work on the second in the series. He also regularly tours alone as a standup comedian and with his comedy partner from the Kids in the Hall, Kevin Mcdonald ,in the show ‘Two Kids One Hall.’

Scott currently plays ‘Jimmy Price’ on the NBC series ‘Hannibal’ and resides in Toronto and Los Angeles.

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