Banner Sales – Walker Stalker Con
  • Below is a link to all available banners. Email if wanting to purchase.
  • We are moving all banners to the Fan Fest Events branding.
  • They will be sold in the order emails are received and then marked as sold once the banner is paid for.
  • S = Signed, US = Unsigned, Full = a full length backdrop/banner, 1/2 = a half banner/backdrop (Note: The full banners cost $250 to print and the 1/2 banners $65 to print for the shows.)
  • Banners are paid for via Cash App.  It’s a free service from Square.  We will invoice you.
  • Click here to sign up for Cash App.  You will need to include your user ID / cash tag in your email so we can invoice you.
  • The invoice will come from $wwwfanfesteventscom
  • OR, we can accept payment via Venmo
  • We are only shipping to the US.  All shipments are made by priority mail and will be shipped 1-2 business days from payment. Tracking will be sent.
  • Price of shipping: 1 Banner = $15.00, 2 Banners = $20, 3 Banners = $25, 4 or more banners, request quote please.
  • All sales are final.  No refunds or returns unless banners are damaged.
  • Banners are machine washable unless signed.  However, we highly suggest dry cleaning banners only.
  • 100% of banner sale proceeds are going to refunds and outstanding debts.
  • Feel free to make an offer on any unsold banners.